The EU has introduced strict new measures to protect its citizens by enforcing rules for any organization globally handling the personal data of EU individuals. The GDPR comes into effect on 25 May 2018.  This program will discuss the key actions that organizations should consider, including:


  • Understanding where and how organizations use and store European personal data
  • Reviewing existing security controls
  • Assessing third party personal data security standards
  • Reporting requirements for data breaches
  • Understanding the new duties for data processors and data subjects


In this webinar, our experts will help you with information on  how you can protect and prepare your organization for this new regulation. 


Mark Noel Headshot

Mark Noel

Vice-President, Advanced Technology Consulting

Mark Noel  is Vice-President of Advanced Technology Consulting and leads the firm's consulting program for managed services in the Electronic Discovery and Disclosure Practice Group.

Alexander Carte, Headshot

Alexander Carte

Managing Director

Alexander Carte is a Managing Director in the UK office of Stroz Friedberg.

Mark Brannigan, CEDS, Headshot

Mark Brannigan, CEDS

Vice-President, Managed Services Client Development

Mark Brannigan, CEDS, is a Vice-President in the UK office of Stroz Friedberg where he leads managed services client development.