How do you search for “unusual” communications when bad actors might be talking in code, or when you don’t know specifically what to search for? And how can you “prove a negative” when an investigation doesn’t turn up any suspicious activity?

Growing data volumes have made it impossible for investigators to manually search through everything, while increased regulatory and compliance demands have increased the need for fast, efficient, and thorough investigations. Fortunately, new tools can dramatically augment (not replace!) the abilities of investigators to quickly and thoroughly uncover important information.

In this webinar, our two experts on machine learning and analytics for legal applications will discuss new technologies, workflows, and best practices for investigating large amounts of data. Join Dave Lewis, Chief Data Scientist at Brainspace, a Cyxtera Business and Mark Noel, Vice President of Advanced Technology Consulting at Stroz Friedberg as they discuss:
  • Challenges posed by investigative tasks, and how they differ from other forms of legal search
  • How to actively explore document and data collections with machine learning, analytics, and data visualization to find unusual patterns and unexpected content
  • Example workflows combining multiple tools and leveraging your knowledge of the matter under investigation
  • Metrics for evaluating and defending your technology-assisted investigations
  • What the near future holds: dynamic monitoring and alerting for proactive prevention, anomaly detection, integration across large and diverse data sources, cross-investigation re-use of work product, and more


Mark Noel Headshot

Mark Noel

Vice-President, Advanced Technology Consulting

Mark Noel  is Vice-President of Advanced Technology Consulting and leads the firm's consulting program for managed services in the Electronic Discovery and Disclosure Practice Group.

David D. Lewis, Headshot

David D. Lewis

Chief Data Scientist, Brainspace a Cyxtera Business

Dave Lewis, Ph.D. is the Chief Data Scientist of Brainspace, a Cyxtera Business, where he leads their development of cutting edge analytics algorithms for eDiscovery, investigations, and beyond.